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15 Ways to Improve Your Time Management


  1. Set aside time regularly to plan.
  2. Plan by clearly defining your goals for the immediate future. Write down your weekly plans and review them at least once a day. Mark off those tasks that have been completed.
  3. Set realistic goals. It's good to shoot high, but not so high that your goals become impossible to achieve. Be realistic, not only about the number of tasks you take on, but also about the time each task will require.
  4. Determine what tasks must be done and how much time each will take. Give all other tasks a lower priority, working on them only when the "must do" tasks are completed.
  5. Set limits. Do not take on more work unless you know that you will have spare time after completing your "must do" tasks.
  6. Develop systems for completing routine work efficiently.
  7. Control your time as much as possible. Create periods when you are inaccessible except for an emergency. Inform others that this is your time to complete work that will help you help them.
  8. Develop concentration skills. Planning and efficient processing of routine work demand that you be able to concentrate.
  9. Help yourself concentrate better by organizing a work area free of distractions. If possible, use this area only when you are working so that you associate it with work. Put other work out of sight so you are not tempted to task hop.
  10. Record important details by writing them down.
  11. Set and keep deadlines.
  12. Delegate tasks to others when possible. Make certain they know what to do and when it is to be done. Monitor what you delegate so you are certain it will be completed on time.
  13. Do not let other people waste your time. Learn how to close conversations in person and on the phone. In turn, don't waste other people's time.
  14. Learn to make quick transitions between tasks.
  15. Slow down and regroup when you feel overwhelmed. Reestablish your goals, develop your plans, and prioritize your work.

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